Bit Life: How to become a marine biologist


There are many professions in BitLife that allow players to pursue their dream career. One of the professions that may be particularly interesting to fans is marine biologist, because indeed some problems are associated with getting this job. For those players who may not understand exactly how they should become a marine biologist at BitLife, this guide contains complete information about the process.

BitLife: How to become a marine biologist

The first step to becoming a marine biologist is to make some effort to maintain a high level of intelligence. This can be done by reading the action, which can be accessed through the “Mind and Body” section on the “Actions” tab, as soon as the BitLife character is able to perform the action. Players should also make sure they decide to “study harder” throughout their time in high school, as this will allow their characters to graduate with a significant number of minds.

After graduating from high school in this life simulator, fans should go to college, making sure to choose biology as their specialty. Obtaining this degree will take a total of four years, and players must read books, visit the library and study throughout this period of time. However, a college degree won’t be enough to become a marine biologist, and fans now have to enroll and finish graduate school. Again, it is important that players participate in activities that affect their intelligence during training.

With a degree in hand, mobile game players can now target the “Full-time Job” section on the “Profession” tab. In particular, fans are looking for the position of junior marine biologist, although there is no guarantee that it will be available at a glance. If a player really finds himself in a situation where he cannot find the appropriate job, he should just grow up, check the lists again and repeat this process until a position appears.

Once a player finally gets a job as a junior marine biologist, he has to work in that career until he is promoted to marine biologist. Although this lateral movement is guaranteed, provided that the fan exerts some force, it may take some time. Fortunately, this will mark the end of the road to becoming a marine biologist, and players may consider trying to find an enemy named Ursula or even marry royalty in BitLife.

BitLife is available on Android and iOS.