Bit Life: How to become a carpenter


BitLife gives players the freedom to pursue various professions, and challenges sometimes encourage fans to find a specific job. One of the professions that can be offered to players is a carpenter, and the way to take on this role may not be immediately obvious. Fortunately, becoming a carpenter in BitLife is not very difficult, and this guide contains a complete step-by-step guide to this process.

BitLife: How to become a carpenter

While some professions in BitLife, such as marine biologist, require players to spend a significant amount of time training their characters, this is not necessary if you are trying to become a carpenter. Indeed, fans can start practicing this profession immediately after gaining access to the permanent work section on the professions tab without any special training. However, players are unlikely to get a carpenter’s job right away, and they should look for another position first.

In particular, this position is a Carpenter’s Apprentice, and it may appear again on the Professions tab. However, there is no guarantee that this job will always be available, and players may have to search for it many times. This can be done by simply checking the full-time job listings as the BitLife character matures, or fans of life simulation games can repeatedly go out and update the app until a vacancy appears, if they prefer to speed up the process.

After getting a job as an apprentice carpenter, players will have to work hard in this profession for several years. Eventually, these fans will be rewarded for their work with a promotion, at which point they will officially become carpenters. From there, players can use their new position to earn extra money or aim for another career. Indeed, there are many other professions that can be explored, and fans who are interested in becoming famous or marrying a member of the royal family in BitLife may want to consider a more upscale job.

For example, players can work to become a famous author in BitLife. However, this position is much easier to earn by completing training, and fans who rushed to become a carpenter and missed their education may have serious problems getting it. In fact, it may be easier for players to just create a new character, put some effort into studying in high school, university, and graduate school, and then see what kind of work is available to them.

BitLife is available on Android and iOS.