Bisq Stopped Transactions Due to Vulnerability


Update: The Bisq team has issued a new announcement about the issue and announced that a hacker has infiltrated Bisq’s transaction protocol. Due to this vulnerability, 3 BTC and 4 thousand XMRs were stolen from 7 people. The Bisq team has taken action to refund these users.

The decentralized cryptocurrency exchange Bisq has decided to suspend transactions in the stock market due to the plat “security vulnerability”.

Security bug
The Bisq team recently posted an announcement alerting users to a vulnerability on the platform. Bisq developers decided to stop trading on the stock market until this vulnerability is resolved.

The Bisq team says the new version will be available within a few hours and advises users not to take action during this time. Since Bisq is a decentralized platform that operates with peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions, now everyone’s money seems to be safe.

Really Decentralized
Since Bisq is a decentralized platform, users do not have to comply with this decision just because the developers stopped processing. In other words, if users want to oppose the warnings, they can try to actively take action to break this stop decision.

However, Bisq developers recommend users not to do such a thing “for their own security” and wait for a few hours without processing.

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