Birthday Message for DB Woodside Co-stars


Woodside posted a much-loved photo on Instagram this week showing Ellis kissing his head while hugging him from behind. She also added a moving message for her castmate, who turned 42 on November 17.

“Dear @officialtomellis, what a year it has been. While it would be easy to compliment you with comments on your tremendous performance or the fantastic physique you continue to build, I am so impressed by Tom the human being and all he does to make the world a better place.” , wrote.

“What you have created with #BlackFolx and the education that you are providing to many is deeply important and inspiring.”

“Thanks for everything you do and I am lucky to be able to share so many days with you. Wishing the best for you, @moppyoppenheimer and the children for today and every day. Happy birthday, handsome devil!”, He concluded. , with a cheeky devil emoji as a nod to his character.

On the other hand, despite the fact that the second part of the fifth season of Lucifer has not yet aired, the show has already started production on its sixth and final season.

The actor in turn has shared the nostalgia he has for being about to shoot the final chapters of the series, which is why Woodside made fun of it last month because he had just filmed one of the funniest scenes of the show with a mysterious guest star.

“Last week Tom Ellis, Lauren German, myself, and a guest actor that I am not yet free to identify, participated in a scene that will become one of the funniest Lucifer scenes ever. I hope,” he tweeted .

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