Bird Box: Netflix movie to win spin-off


In 2018, Netflix had a viral hit on its hands with the launch of Bird Box, a sci-fi thriller about an annihilated society forced to use blindfolds to escape monsters that lead people to suicide through eye contact. The recent feature starring Sandra Bullock inspired the popular and dangerous #BirdBoxChallenge and remains one of the streaming service’s biggest hits. That way, of course, a spin-off will be launched.

The producers behind the 2018 film, Dylan Clark and Chris Morgan, are developing a new project that will follow the Bird Box concept through a different group of characters living in Spain. The film, which will be made in Spanish, should begin production in the European country later this year from a script by Alex and David Pastor.

The Pastor brothers previously wrote the screenplays for the 2009 pandemic film, Carriers, starring Chris Pine, as well as the 2015 sci-fi action film, Self / less, starring Ryan Reynolds.

Bird Box was based on a 2014 novel, written by Josh Malerman, who has since received a sequel entitled Malorie. After the success of the Netflix movie, Malerman revisited his story with a sequel that shows Bullock’s character 12 years after the events of the original. During the book’s release, he said a film adaptation of Bird Box 2 was also underway. Therefore, film fans will receive, in addition to the spin-off, a follow-up to the story of Malorie and her children, Boy and Girl.

Bird Box had a strong cast, including Sarah Paulson, John Malkovich, Jacki Weaver, Rosa Salazar, Lil Rel, BD Wong and Machine Gun Kelly. The streaming platform revealed, at the time, that the feature reached 26 million viewers in the first week alone, and, supposedly, remains one of the best premieres for the platform, with the exception of the film Extraction, made available in April last year, which hit the initial numbers of Bird Box in the first four weeks, making it the biggest original Netflix movie so far.

Both the spin-off and the Bird Box sequel do not yet have many details released, nor a forecast for their debut date.