BioWare cancels Anthem and will focus on Dragon Age


BioWare announced, on Wednesday (24), that it decided to end the development of Anthem NEXT, update of the game that would remodel the original version. The project was abandoned for the company to focus on titles such as Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

The information was released on the official BioWare blog by Christian Dailey, the company’s executive producer. He argued that since the launch of Anthem in 2019, the company has been releasing improvements and new content for the game.

According to the producer, the pandemic of the new coronavirus ended up affecting the progress of the work and the adopted home-office ended up affecting the productivity of the developer.

“I know this will be disappointing for the Anthem player community that has been excited about the improvements that we have been working on. It is also disappointing for the team, which has done a brilliant job, ”said Dailey in the statement.

Anthem was launched with several technical problems and it was a sales disaster at the beginning. The headache caused by the game even made the publisher Eletronic Arts rethink the formula of working releases.

Another focus

Dailey further explained that from now on the company’s focus will be on the upcoming Dragon Age and Mass Effect. BioWare will also focus on updates to Star Wars: The Old Republic.

And you, what did you think of the news of the cancellation of Anthem NEXT? Were you waiting for the game? Tell us in the comments box below!


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