BioShock turns 15 this week


Although video games are still in their infancy compared to something like the movie industry, they have been around longer than some might imagine. For example, a few months ago Morrowind turned 20 years old, and although there have been other Elder Scrolls series games since then, including The Elder Scrolls Online, it may seem that it has not existed for two decades. For some older gamers, it’s hard to imagine that games that seemed new not so long ago have turned into double-digit numbers. Similarly, BioShock is about to reach an important milestone.

Originally released in 2007, at a time when the Xbox 360 and PS3 were at odds with the power of the Nintendo Wii, BioShock’s first entry was a landmark release for the FPS genre. During this period, the gaming industry was saturated with games like Call of Duty, and it needed a breath of fresh air. Then came the underwater horror shooter from 2K Games, which single-handedly raised the stakes for what is possible in the narrative of video games. Its setting, character development and this iconic twist helped turn it into an award-winning release.

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He has reached such heights that he has even become a favorite of some famous gamers. For example, billionaire Elon Musk is said to be a big fan of BioShock, as well as Half-Life, Mass Effect 2 and Saints Row 4. Being influenced by games such as System Shock 2, which itself is a horror classic. fi FPS, the first BioShock game is often considered the best in the entire series, and Metacritic shows 96 points on PC.

However, the franchise as a whole has been pretty quiet over the years. BioShock 4 is currently in development and will be the first major game in the series after the release of BioShock Infinite 2013. In 2014, the second episode of Burial at Sea DLC was released, as well as the release of the collection in 2016, but from the point of view of a full-fledged game, almost ten years have passed since fans saw the new part.

Given the iconic beginning, in which players are shown the City of Delight for the first time, the original has become one of the most cinematic sci-fi games in recent history. The second game was not as well received as its predecessor, although it still has a strong fan base, and the third game was highly praised, but again not without flaws. Whether the next BioShock will be able to return the magic of the first one is still unknown.

Bioshock 4 is in development.


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