Bioshock chega a Half-Life Alyx no mod Return to Rapture


It is difficult to think of FPS series with more fans and greater acclaim than Half-Life and Bioshock. Thanks to their great mechanics, worlds and plots, the franchises have marked an era and even today captivate the imagination of fans. It is not strange, then, to see that someone finally had the idea of ​​joining the two games through a mod!

In Return to Rapture, a mod made by fan Wim Buytaert in the game Half-Life Alyx, we can enjoy the classic scenario created by Ken Levine in the original 2007 Bioshock in a totally new campaign! Check out the mod trailer:

The controls are basically the same as seen in Alyx, as well as the enemies, so what really changes is being able to play in the same BioShock environment. There are new songs and plenty of audio logs to discover, as well as interactive vending machines to ensure fans of old ones feel at home.

If you are interested in trying this mod, it is available for download at Tell us here in the comments what you think of this crossover between the franchises!


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