Biomutant Surpasses 1 Million Copies Sold and Pays Its Costs


Biomutant had a very controversial reception, but that didn’t stop the game from reaching the 1 million copies sold mark and, with that, being able to recoup all of its development and marketing costs!

Released on May 25th by Experiment 101 studio and publisher THQ Nordic, the game took just a week to pay for. According to Embracer Group, the company that owns the production company, “sales are in line with management’s expectations”.

“Taking into account the total cost of development and marketing, including the acquisition costs of Experiment 101 and its intellectual property, we only need a week after launch to recoup the full investment.”

Recently, Embracer Group invested heavily in the video game market and bought several production companies and studios, such as 3D Realms, responsible for Duke Nukem, so it seems likely that we still hear a lot about their releases over the next few years.

And you, what did you think of Biomutant? Have you had a chance to try the game yet? Are you happy with your numbers? Let us know in the comments below!


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