Biomutant Presumes of The World and Vehicles in Its New Trailer


Biomutant: The title of open world developed by Experiment 101 changed its world and vehicles in a new video. The game will debut next month of May.Biomutant, the adventure of open world action set in a postapocalyptic future, will go to the market on the 25th of May. To celebrate it, THQ Nordic has shared a new trail in which we can discover some of the different vehicles that will help us to explore its beautiful surroundings: mounts, flying devices, mechanical creatures … Anything that will be a more varied experience.

Biomutant: a wide development, but cautious

The title of Experiment 101 was announced in the summer of 2017, and since then there has been a delay. Stefan Ljungqvist, Creative Director of the studio, insures on the list of the reasons that have led the team to respond to the project on more than one occasion: its high levels of ambition and the intent to push the game as far as possible, highlighting that it is possible. studio with headquarters in Stockholm (Sweden) only has twenty people in their queues.

“This is a big game, a very big nibble so that you can see more people”, confessed Ljungqvist. Furthermore, he also reflected on the difficulty of detecting bugs in a large video game: “There has been a lot of work for QA, because it is not easy to find mistakes in an open world game. And once you find them, you have to roll them up, which is an additional straight for a small studio as we are in others. At the end of the project, there is only a limited number of bugs that you can solve ”.

A clear example of how much the project has grown during these years resides in its history; the guide was made up of 85,000 words, which the final game will finally have more than 250,000. It hasn’t been an easy development, but after a couple of years, the title is about to see the light.

Biomutant will be available next May 25 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.



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