Biometric reader covering mobile phone will come soon


According to My Drivers, the Chinese company Tianma presented the first LCD screen that has a fingerprint reader along its entire length. It is the first screen of its kind ever created, which means that from now on, you will not need to search for a specific point on your smartphone screen to be able to unlock the device using your fingerprint.

The news comes as a kind of evolution about what Fortsense (another Chinese company) had released earlier this year: it had managed to implant biometric readers under more accessible screens, such as TN, IPS and others. In other words, this means that cheaper intermediate devices can be equipped with a biometric reader under the screen.

100% biometric screen

According to Tianma, its 100% biometric screen is already in “bullet point”, to start being mass produced. The company has already sent samples of the component to some renowned manufacturers.

Such a screen will allow the user to use his fingerprint to unlock the device by touching anywhere on the display. This can be very useful in some situations, such as unlocking the smartphone without having to look at it in a dark environment, or even if the device is stored in a pocket or backpack.

Another feature that may appear in the future is the unlocking of applications protected by biometrics, with the user just needing to touch its icon. This would be enough for the app to recognize the user’s fingerprint and start operating, without needing an extra finger movement or entering a PIN.

TCL solution arrives in 2021

Meanwhile, TCL (another Chinese) is due to launch its own biometric technology under LCD screens this year. In this case, these screens will still have the biometric reader at a single point. But it is possible that TCL will launch screens with fingerprint reader throughout its extension as early as 2021.

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Another Chinese company that had already demonstrated a fingerprint reader on LCD screens last year was Xiaomi. The manufacturer is expected to launch an intermediate smartphone with this technology by the end of this year.


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