Biologists Discover a New Reproductive Hormone That May Cure Infertility


Biologists from the University of Ottawa in Canada have discovered a new hormone that stimulates sexual functions in their research on zebra fish, the natural habitat of Asia. The findings can lead to the development of new infertility treatments for human use.

Biologists Kim Mitchell and Vance Trudeau at the University of Ottawa have unearthed new functions that determine the way females and males interact during mating in their research when they study the effects of gene mutations on the genus of zebrafish.

Trudeau, who gave information about the study, said, “Who and I were working with colleagues from the Chinese Academy of Sciences Hydrobiology Institute in Wuhan. Using the gene editing technology developed by Chinese researchers, we mutated the two related genes and examined the effects of zebra fish on their sexual functions. ”

Saying that they replace secretogranin-2 genes by mutation, Trudeau stated that they see that this affects the reproductive ability of females and males. Stating that the sexual behavior of the fish has decreased significantly as a result of the mutation, the scientist said that when both genders come together, they almost ignore each other.

“Normally a couple of minutes after a male and female meet for the first time, the male begins to chase the female. Then the female lays her eggs in the water and the male fertilizes them instantly, but only 1 in 10 of the couples with mutated genes, ”said Trudeau, noting that their discovery was the first evidence that gene mutation led to impaired sexual behavior in animals.

Stating that secretogranin-2 is an important protein in controlling body functions such as growth and reproduction, Trudeau said that they found that this protein can be cut by special enzymes and that a small piece called the secretoneurin peptide is important for stimulating sexual function.

“We have discovered new genes that can regulate reproduction. For this reason, we can define the secretoneurin peptide as a new hormone. ”

Stating that their findings can be used both to increase spawning in cultured fish species and to investigate new infertility treatments in humans, Trudeau said they are looking forward to their future work.


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