Biography of Hwasa, her inspiring story towards success


Learn more about Hwasa María from MAMAMOO, today on her birthday. Hwasa of MAMAMOO has earned a place in the industry of the K-pop , knows more than the idol today on your special day, her birthday!

Ahn Hye Jin , Hwasa’s real name , was born on July 23, 1995 in the city of Jeonju in South Korea, from a very young age she began to show a great love for music and composition.

Hwasa left her home and moved to Seoul , where she made several auditions to enter an entertainment company as an apprentice, after knocking on so many doors, the artist was chosen by the Rainbow Bridge World company.

Before being part of a group, Hwasa lent her voice to record demos of several very successful groups, such as the already disintegrated girl group 4 Minute, Ahn Hye Jin made very good friends in this period of time.

Thanks to her skills as a vocalist, rapper, dancer and lyricist, she was announced as one of the first members of the MAMAMOO girl group’s lineup . Hwasa debuted alongside Moonbyul, Solar, and Wheein.

From her first performance on the Hwasa stages, she caught the public’s attention for her talent and stage presence, making her worldwide popularity increase in an incredible way.

Hwasa is a figure well known for her empowerment, she has always talked about acceptance, for her fans she is an inspiration of strength, power, dedication despite criticism and obstacles.

Fans are celebrating Hwasa’s birthday with the hashtag #OurSummerHwasa , MOOMOO has created a trend for the mention as hundreds of messages dedicated to the singer were published.

MAMAMOO’s social networks also congratulated Hwasa on her birthday with very emotional posts :

To the delight of her fans and a way to commemorate her birthday , Hwasa released a cover of the song ‘ Watermelon Sugar ‘, Harry Styles’ original track :

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