Bing search engine new name Microsoft Bing


Microsoft renamed the Bing search engine to Microsoft Bing as part of its brand renewal efforts. Microsoft made its new brand announcement with a blog post published today.

Microsoft did not provide detailed information about why it added its own name in front of the Bing brand. He noted that it has only taken such a step as part of “continuing to integrate search experiences across the entire Microsoft family”.

With the brand change, Bing is now using its new logo. The Microsoft Bing logo is located on the home page of the search engine. It is currently unknown whether Microsoft will retire the Bing logo and use the logo that focuses on its own brand in the future, or will continue to use both logos.

The software giant has been experimenting with Bing logos in recent months. Some of these appeared temporarily in the company’s search engine. At the same time, the company has been adding the term “Microsoft” to many of its products recently. For example, the Windows Store name was changed to Microsoft Store. Also, Office 365 was recently renamed Microsoft 365. Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Teams are also named after the company. Surface and Xbox are not affected by Microsoft’s extensive rebranding efforts for now.

In addition to the branding work, Microsoft is gradually making improvements to its standalone Microsoft Search product. This search engine is used in Microsoft products such as Windows, Office and others. Microsoft Search is also offered to access Bing over the intranet, allowing organizations to search documents and similar content.


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