Binary Gods gets impressive conceptual gameplay trailer


Taiwanese developer Rayark released a new trailer for the indie Binary Gods, showing the first conceptual images of gameplay and some of the main mechanics that may appear in the game.

As you can see in the trailer, Binary Gods should be a title focused on hack ‘n’ slash mechanics in which the protagonist will be a young mecha who fights with swords and superpowered physical skills. In the few seconds shared by the video, an alleged boss and the absorption of an enemy’s skill are also presented, causing the character to execute a differentiated shot.

Apparently, the game from the Taiwanese studio immerses itself a lot in the artistic proposal of Nier Automata, with a protagonist similar to 2B in both visual and frantic fighting style, mixing combos of ranged and melee attacks. However, the trailer is just a conceptual prototype of the title, not necessarily having a direct relation to the gameplay or in-game graphics that the final version will present.

In addition, during the beating scenes the video shows a hub similar to those found in mobile device games, with an analog touchscreen in the lower left corner and a series of commands in the lower right. Would it be an indication that it will be an Android and / or iOS exclusive? It remains to wait for more information about its availability on platforms.

Binary Gods has no release date yet.


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