Binance Will Support KAVA and IRISnet Updates


Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has announced that it will support updates to Kava (KAVA) and IRISnet (IRIS). The exchange will suspend users’ deposits and withdrawals for a while, but KAVA and IRIS purchases / sales will not be affected by the update.

Deposits / withdrawals made with the duo of Kava (KAVA) and IRISnet (IRIS) will be suspended on March 31st. At 16:00 for KAVA; It is unknown how long updates will take for IRISnet to start at 17:00.

Mainnet 1: 1 update to be made on IRISNet will make the Coinswap application easier to use. With the Kava 5 update, which will be seen on the other side, some changes will be made to the functioning mechanism of HARD.


  • Current price: $ 6.08
  • 24-hour increment: 6%
  • Market value: $ 357 million
  • Transaction volume: $ 78 million


  • Current price: $ 0.24
  • 24-hour increment: 5%
  • Market value: $ 238 million
  • Transaction volume: $ 19 million


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