Binance Will Not Be Able To Trade Against Tomorrow Morning


Binance announced that it will carry out maintenance work on April 20. Some trades, such as spot markets, deposits / withdrawals, will be closed for approximately 2 hours.

Binance, whose daily volume exceeds $ 120 billion, will make some updates to the system to improve “overall performance and stability”. Futures and options transactions will remain open during maintenance.

Services to shut down during maintenance

Deposits / withdrawals on the exchange will be suspended 10 minutes before maintenance work. After entering care,

  • Deposit / withdrawal transactions,
  • Spot, margin and P2P trading,
  • Conversion & OTC Portal and
  • New member registrations and many other services will be closed.

It is stated that users cannot transfer assets during maintenance. After the work is finished, a 30-minute period will be allowed before trading starts so that transactions such as order cancellation, deposit / withdrawal, asset transfer can be made.


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