Binance will be closed for up to 4 hours today


The cryptocurrency exchange Binance will be disabled for approximately 4 hours today due to updates.

The cryptocurrency exchange Binance will remain closed for about 4 hours today due to a planned system update.

The update will start at 05:00 CET. During this time, deposits, withdrawals, spot and credit transactions, P2P transactions, savings and payment, as well as sub-accounts, margin, futures accounts and asset transfers from nominal money wallets will be suspended.

The statement noted that Binance futures and options contracts will not be affected during the update. After the update, users will be given half an hour to cancel orders, deposit and withdrawals, and to use all other functions before the transactions begin.

Binance will make the following important improvements with today’s update:

New API endpoint will allow users to cancel all orders on a particular symbol
Orders can be canceled via API in case of a BREAK or HALT

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