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Binance Support for “Ethereum Killer”


Binance announced in the announcement it published on the day that it will add a crypto project called Solana (SOL) to the stock market. We will have seen this token in Binance for the first time, which we have not seen in any stock exchange so far.

Ethereum Killer
Solana, who appeared as “Ethereum Killer”, will be added to Binance in a short time. As we can see from this name, Solana is currently considered as a direct rival of Ethereum.

The Solana team, which organized four different investment tours in total, first in March 2018, collected more than 25 million dollars in this process. Among the names investing in Solana are familiar names such as Multicoin Capital, Blocktower Capital.

The Solana team claims to have 50 nodes in the test network currently running with the proof-of-history algorithm. Another claim of the team is that the Solana network has a processing capacity of 50-65 thousand per second. For a comparison, we can say that Ethereum’s processing capacity per second is around 9 thousand. Which is the number obtained after the Istanbul update.

Coming to Binance
Binance users are currently able to deposit SOL into their account. Users will also be able to start trading with SOL / BUSD, SOL / BTC and SOL / BNB pairs starting tomorrow. These transactions will be opened tomorrow at 07:00 CET.

Users will also be able to earn a certain amount of prize money by completing the relevant tasks until April 9, 03:00 CET. Preparing a prize pool of 50 thousand dollars in total, Binance shared the following information about these awards:

$ 20 SOL for 1000 people completing the first 5 missions
$ 10 SOL to 3000 people completing 3 out of 5 missions
100 dollars SOL to 10 people who completed 4 of 5 missions
1000 dollar SOL to 1 person who completed all 5 tasks



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