Binance Restricts Ethereum Transactions


The crypto currency exchange Binance has announced that it has temporarily suspended Ethereum withdrawals on the exchange. Announcing that the decision was taken due to the “intensity in the network”, Binance announced that the coins were “safe”.

According to the announcement published by Binance, users will not be able to withdraw money with Ethereum or Ethereum-based tokens for a short time. It was stated that there was no problem with the money kept in the wallets, and “apologized” for the problem.

Reaction from users

According to Binance’s statement, withdrawals were suspended due to the intensity in the Ethereum network. Some names, who said that the Ethereum network is operating in its normal course, pointed out that other exchanges are continuing ETH transactions without any problems. One name said he found Binance’s decision “absurd”.

After an hour-long break, the stock exchange announced a new announcement and announced that the transactions “continued”.


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