Binance Opened The Mouth Of The Sac For Coronary Virus


Although the place where the coronavirus originated was China, its epicenter has now become the USA and Italy. This has hit hard on both the cryptocurrency industry and traditional markets. The world’s leading crypto firms have also taken action against this and started organizing various aid campaigns.

$ 5 Million Donation Plan from Binance
Changpeng Zhao, CEO of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange, stated that he has further expanded his aid campaign against the Coronavirus, which he initially announced as $ 1 million. Speaking at the Q&A event on Friday, Changpeng Zhao announced that they have made a giant donation of $ 2.4 million so far.

Despite this, the stock market CEO, who stated that they will double the amount of donations up to $ 5 million, received a very positive response from the community.

Binance cryptocurrency exchange was actually Wuhan epicenter before that, and directly assisted China with masks and medical equipment.


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