Binance Made Again a “Silent Change”


The Binance cryptocurrency exchange had made a major announcement in the past few days, although it did not sign a lot of initiatives in 2020 compared to the previous year and is often referred to as troubles.

Is There a Problem With Binance Card Partnership?
After Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange, Binance also announced that it will launch its own debit card. The fact that the wording of Visa on the card was noticed at the first introduction of Binance Card did not attract attention at first. Although it is thought that many users have partnered with Visa, a silent change was observed on Binance Card’s site a few days ago.

VISA ibares in the first announcement disappeared after silent change. Although Binance does not make any explanation on the subject, the fact that Visa partnership was mentioned in the first announcement tweet published suggests that there may have been a problem in this regard.

When you enter Binance Card’s website, it is seen that VISA phrase has been removed. Actually lived in the building of a situation similar to direct deposit service offered by Akbank, Turkey and the partnership was announced days later ends.


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