Binance Made Big Announcements For These 9 Altcoins!


Apecoin (APE), Cosmos (ATOM), Anyswap (ANY) and 6 altcoins were featured in the latest announcements of the Binance exchange. Anyswap (ANY) is being renamed Multichain (MULTI) and the converting functionality will be shut down in April. Here are the details…

Binance’s current altcoin announcements

Binance liquidity pool Binance Liquid Swap announced that it has added support for APE, ATOM and GMT in BTC and USDT pairs and opened 6 new liquidity pools. Starting today, traders wishing to join liquidity pools can start trading in the following pairs.







Binance supports Anyswap (ANY) token migration and renaming scheme. Starting today at 08:00 (UTC), trading pairs ANY/USDT, ANY/BUSD and ANY/BTC are suspended. Also, Anyswap (ANY) has been renamed Multichain (MULTI). With its new name, MULTI will be opened for trading on “MULTI/BTC, MULTI/BUSD and MULTI/USDT” pairs on April 6th. Binance will make a separate announcement after the token swap is complete to let users know when MULTI deposits and withdrawals will open. Users who have ANY in their wallet until now can use the conversion function for MULTI token. Later ANY transactions will not be supported by the exchange.

Binance Savings launches Double Rewards promotion with AXS, BUSD, CAKE, DREP and USDT for upgrade coupon

Binance’s lend and earn service Binance Savings has launched a Double Rewards promotion for depositing AXS, BUSD, CAKE, DREP and USDT. For a limited time, eligible users can take advantage of the benefits available to accounts up to VIP 4 for two months apart from a high yield offer on Locked Savings. The promotional period will continue until the end of March. The table below (Reward A) shows the yields of locked savings products over time.

The subscription amount in AXS, BUSD, CAKE, DREP or USDT Locked Savings and the cumulative net deposit of these tokens on, all users who meet the following requirements can receive a corresponding VIP upgrade coupon and enjoy the benefits available to the accounts. The “Reward B” table with details on the Locked Savings Subscription Amount, the Net Deposit Accumulated, and the Related VIP Upgrade Coupon: