Binance Lists: What Is Beefy Finance?


Binance announced that it will list Beefy Finance (BIFI) at 12:00 in the Innovation Zone. After the news, BIFI price went up and ATH made. So what are Beefy Finance and BIFI tokens?

Beefy Finance (BIFI) gained 28 percent on the monthly chart, 203 percent on the two-week chart and 181 percent on the weekly chart. On a daily basis, it saw a price increase of 149 percent. It hit an all-time high, hitting $ 3,457 on March 16.

The market value of BIFI token is $ 261 million, while its daily trading volume is $ 41 million.

What is Beefy Finance and BIFI?

Beefy Finance is a platform built on Binance Smart Chain that optimizes yield farming. With Beefy, users can easily interact with BSC repositories, projects and other services. They aim not only for large investors but also for small investors to benefit from the farming advantages.

There are farming vaults on the platform and the rate of return of the assets in these vaults is calculated regularly. The whole process proceeds automatically and the return rates are calculated in the most optimized way and transferred to the users.

Integration with BSC due to high gas fees in the Ethereum network. Beefy’s long-term goals with Binance include creating new strategies, ensuring the growth of the project, and making a hackathon.

The platform’s native token is BIFI; It is used for community-based transactions such as voting, decision making and staking. Beefy; 72 thousand BIFI tokens for the community and 8 thousand BIFI tokens for the founders. The circulating supply of BIFI is 76 thousand. Exchanges with BIFI; Binance, Pancakeswap, Bakeryswap, Julswap.


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