Binance Lists Altcoin Increasing 200 Percent Per Month


The crypto money exchange Binance announced that it has listed the DeXe token with its announcement. DeXe price, which increased by more than 100% in 1 week, rose close to 15% with the Binance news. When does the Binance exchange list DeXe, in what currency pairs, and what is DeXe?

Binance, one of the most popular crypto currency exchanges, announced that the DeXe (DEXE) token will take place on the platform with its new listing announcement. DeXe is listed in the Innovation Zone of the exchange on January 21st. Binance users will be able to execute DEXE transactions within the scope of DEXE / ETH and DEXE / BUSD parities.

DeXe price increased by 220% in one month

DeXe token is valued by more than 10%, with the Binance listing announcement acting as a catalyst, and set a record. The DeXe price hit an all-time high at $ 6.93. While the DeXe value doubled in a week, it was valued more than 220% in 1 month.

The market value of DeXe, which started its network life in October 2020, is approximately $ 17.5 million. The daily trade volume for DEXE is located at 6.4 million dollars.

What is DeXe?

DeXe Network is a decentralized social trading and asset management platform managed by DeXe Dao. DeXe offers professional traders the ability to create personalized trading tokens and copy other wallets. Provides blockchain-based and secure cryptocurrency portfolio service for Dexe Network users.

DEXE, the platform’s own cryptocurrency, is an ERC-20 based token. DEXE can be used for activities such as taking part in governance decisions, collecting various special rewards and staking. DEXE is listed by Uniswap, MXC.COM, 1inch Exchange platforms apart from Binance exchange.


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