Binance Lists 2 New Altcoins: Prices Peak!


Famous Bitcoin exchange Binance lists 2 new altcoins on the Innovation Zone platform. The exchange adds Convex Finance (CVX) and ConstitutionDAO (PEOPLE) to its platform. With the news of the listing, altcoin prices suddenly rose.

Binance lists 2 new altcoins on its Innovation Zone platform

Popular Bitcoin exchange Binance is listing 2 new altcoins on its Innovation Zone platform. The stock market adds the following to its explanations on the subject:

Binance will list Convex Finance (CVX) and ConstitutionDAO (PEOPLE) and will start trading for the trading pairs CVX/BTC, CVX/BUSD, CVX/USDT, PEOPLE/BTC, PEOPLE/BUSD and PEOPLE/USDT on 12/23/2021. will begin. Users can now start depositing CVX and PEOPLE in preparation for trading. Withdrawals for CVX and PEOPLE will open on 12/24/2021. Note: Withdrawal open time is the estimated time for users’ reference. Users can see the actual status of the withdrawal on the withdrawal page. CVX and PEOPLE Listing Fee: 0 BNB.

With the news of the listing, altcoin prices suddenly rose. Convex Finance (CVX) experienced an increase of 18 percent. ConstitutionDAO (PEOPLE) experienced a 40 percent increase.

What is Convex Finance (CVX)?

Convex Finance is a return optimization and automation protocol built on Curve Finance. It allows users to receive increased CRV and liquidity mining rewards with minimal effort. CVX is Convex Finance’s native token for staking, charging performance fees and voting management.

What is ConstitutionDAO (PEOPLE)?

ConstitutionDAO (PEOPLE) was a crowdfunding movement to purchase the first edition of the US constitution. PEOPLE is a token representing a share of ConstitutionDAO. Since the bid for the document was unsuccessful, the PEOPLE token now also represents a historically significant DAO movement.