Binance Invested In This GameFi Coin! Here are the details


Binance Labs recently announced its strategic investment in Elfin Kingdom. Elfin Kingdom hopes that the GameFi coin project will open up to the world through the partnership. Here are the details and CEO Juan’s statements…

Binance Labs partners with Elfin Kingdom. We are excited to announce the strategic partnership with the leading venture capital and incubator arm. This partnership allows us to further expand GameFi’s reach to the world.

Binance Labs announcement:

Welcome to the Binance Labs family, Elfin Kingdom.

Staking pools expand with GameFi coin, Elfin Kingdom

Elfin Kingdom is a GameFi project that combines DeFi yield farming and NFT tokens with gamified elements in a play-to-win platform that allows users to collect, fight and farm to earn more with cryptocurrencies. Binance Labs announces strategic investment in Elfin Kingdom to expand the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem:

A GameFi project with great potential Elfin Kingdom introduces a new form of GameFi combined with DeFi; Players will be able to stake tokens of joint DeFi projects within the games.

Juan, CEO of the play-to-win platform Elfin Kingdom, has this to say about the strategic partnership:

We aim to bring communities closer together by allowing users to enjoy the benefits of Blockchain technology. By forming a strategic partnership with Binance Labs, we are one step closer to building a better Blockchain gaming ecosystem.

As Somanews reported, Binance Labs announced that it has made a strategic investment in MOBOX (MBOX), which aims to build a massive play-to-win ecosystem. Then, the MBOX price reached its $7.40 ATH within hours.