Binance has been hacked! Millions of dollars stolen !


Binance Smart Chain, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange network Binance, has introduced a new development. The BNB network under the new name reported the hack. According to later statements, the network was temporarily suspended. Here are the details of the attack!

The attack occurred in the range of 70-80 million dollars

Information about the attack came from the official Twitter account of the BNB network. According to the statements, the network was initially temporarily stopped due to “irregular activity” in the blockchain. Then, in a second statement, the authorities announced the cyberattack and said that all funds were safe.

PeckShield analysts, who analyze blockchain technology, initially discovered the movement of 2 million BNB worth $ 58 million. After all this, information appeared about the theft of $ 600 million of crypto money.

Binance later reported that the size of the attack was in the range of $70-80 million. In addition, only $7 million of the stolen crypto money was frozen. “Approximately $7 million has been frozen thanks to our community and security partners,” the statement said. said.

Binance CEO Zaho made a post on this topic on Twitter. The message said: “The problem is currently under control. Your money is safe. We apologize for the inconvenience and will make further updates accordingly.” said. BNB Chain said the exploit was achieved by “complicating low-level proof in a single public library.”

According to some new data, this morning the value of BNB fell by more than 3% to $ 285.36. As a result, there is no information about who or who carried out this attack. However, the fact is that as a result of the attack, hackers managed to steal cryptocurrency from Binance.

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