Binance Extracts Four Cryptocurrencies


Binance exchange announced that it will remove 4 cryptocurrencies from the platform. Binance delisted with BCPT, CMT, TNB and VIBE, which it claimed could not meet the standards it listed. When will the transactions of 4 coins removed from the exchange stop, what standards should the cryptocurrency meet to be listed on the Binance exchange?

Binance posted a delist announcement for 4 cryptocurrencies today. Binance users will not be able to continue their transactions with these four cryptocurrencies as of February 10, 2021. Here are the crypto coins that have been delisted by all transaction pairs:

  • Blockmason Credit Protocol (BCPT)
  • CyberMiles (CMT)
  • Time New Bank (TNB)

Why are Binance cryptocurrencies crazy?

Binance Blockmason released the delist announcement for Credit Protocol (BCPT), CyberMiles (CMT), Time New Bank (TNB) and VIBE (VIBE), listing the standards the platform expected from projects. Stating that he periodically monitors the listed projects, Binance stated that this step is generally taken to protect its users.

He listed the factors observed in delisting cryptocurrencies under Binance as follows:

  • Team commitment to the project
  • Level and quality of development activities
  • Transaction volume and liquidity
  • Network security against attacks
  • Network stability
  • Communication level with its users
  • Responding to periodic due diligence requests
  • Unethical behavior or negligence
  • Its contribution to a healthy and sustainable cryptocurrency ecosystem


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