Is Binance Coming Back To China?


Binance Is Returning to China? It turns out that Binance, one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges, has registered with a domain name related to the Chinese government. The block’s news, showing the public state records by showing evidence, emphasizes that the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technologies approved Binance’s domain name,

It appears that the domain name was acquired in April and registered with a company called Shanghai Bi Nai Shi Information Technology LLC. The fact that this is close to the pronunciation of the Binance statement in Chinese strengthens the stock market ties.

Binance Returns to China
It appears that the only legal representative of the company is Junxi He, and there are two more companies registered in the name of the same person. It is stated that all three companies have been registered in the past three months and have a name similar to Binance.

This in fact shows that Binance is attempting to return to China, its homeland. Although Binance was first launched in China, it had to change the country due to the increasing regulations.


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