Binance Coin: What is Binance Coin? What is Binance Coin Technology?


World on Bitcoin and Ethereum ‘after the most preferred, Binance by crypto of money stock Binance Co.‘s, Binance by then only because it is their currency Binani think can be traded on the stock exchange.

What is Binance Coin Technology?

It is possible to say that Binance Coin, which uses Ethereum ‘s ERC20 standard, uses Ethereum infrastructure. In addition, Binance Coin also serves with the BEP2 base.

How Much Is Binance Coin?

It is currently traded at $ 400 and is in the ranking of the coins with the highest value. The shortcode of Binance Coin is BNB. Binance Coin is headquartered in Malta.

Is Binance Coin Safe?

Since this coin belongs to the world’s most preferred cryptocurrency exchange, it is very safe and can be traded within the framework of logic. (Not investment advice.)


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