Binance Announces SAND and these 9 Altcoins!


Binance, the world’s largest exchange by transaction volume, SAND and 9 altcoins have made important announcements. Here are the details…

Binance Bridge 2.0 supports SAND and 9 Altcoins

After the recent launch of Binance Bridge 2.0, the initial batch of nine cryptocurrencies was supported. According to the announcement made by Binance, users can deposit the following cryptocurrencies into existing supported networks and withdraw the corresponding BEP20 tokens (BToken). These cryptocurrencies can also be traded in a chain through decentralized exchanges (DEX) that support the BEP20 token standard. Here are altcoin projects supported by Binance Bridge 2.0:

Sandbox (SAND)

ApeCoin (APE)

JasmyCoin (JASMY)

Decentraland (MANA)

VeChain (PTO)

Constitutionadao (PEOPLE)

Movie Block (MBL)

LooksRare (VIEW)

Dogelon Mars (ELON)

Binance Bridge 2.0 supports intermediate cryptocurrencies registered on , as well as some assets not included in the list. To deposit unregistered tokens based on Binance Bridge 2.0, you can exchange the deposit address for a token specified in the same token standard. For example, you can use your ETH address to deposit ERC-20 to deposit unregistered ERC-20 tokens based on Binance Bridge 2.0. As soon as the transaction is successful, the deposits will be credited to your fund wallet.

According to Somanews, the Ardor update and hard fork (ARDR) will take place on May 1. Deposits and withdrawals of ARDR will be suspended until approximately 07:00 on May 1. Ardor (ARDR) operations will not be affected during the network upgrade and hard fork. Binance takes care of all relevant technical requirements for all users who have ARDR in their Binance account. As soon as the upgrade is completed, deposits and withdrawals in ARDR will be reopened without prior notice.

Binance Announces Crypto Card for Ukrainian Refugees

The card allows displaced Ukrainians to send and receive payments in cryptocurrency, as well as make transactions in retail stores located in the European Economic Area.

The global Cryptocurrency exchange is launching a crypto card that allows refugees from Ukraine to make crypto transactions and receive money through a Visa Binance card.