Binance Announces Partnership and “Declaration of War”


Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of both the number of users and commercial volume, announced that it has signed a partnership with software security firm Oasis Labs. It is stated that the fruit of this partnership will be an alliance project called CryptoSafe Alliance. In this way, Binance has announced that it is waging war on fraudsters in the crypto money industry.

In the statement made by the Binance exchange, many other companies have a place in the war against fraudsters and fraudulent methods in the cryptocurrency industry. It is stated that CryptoSafe Alliance members can share real-time data and alert other members to fraud incidents. Technically, in case of loss of money due to a possible attack or fraud, it will be much easier to track stolen funds and money laundering can be prevented.

Meaningful Partnership from Binance and Oasis Labs

Of course, it seems that Binance has an element for its own benefit that is effective in taking this step. The cryptocurrency exchange recently collaborated with authorities in Ukraine to bring down a giant $ 42 million money laundering operation. It is stated that Oasis Labs also contributed to this assistance of Binance.

Although the Oasis Labs brand is not heard much in the industry, it is known that it has an investment of 45 million dollars. The firm is known to be supported by the most prominent cryptocurrency venture capitals. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, in his statement on the subject, underlined that they want to protect the global cryptocurrency community “together and in cooperation”.

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Although Binance failed in its recent step towards Liechtenstein, it seems to have succeeded with its latest step.


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