Binance Announced Important Announcement For These 12 Altcoins!


Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, shared new announcements for 12 altcoins. According to the announcements, two altcoins are being removed from the isolated margin pairs while new ones are added to the cross-margin trading pairs. Additionally, five new liquidity pools are being added to Liquid Swap. Here are the details…

Making changes to isolated and cross margin trading pairs

Binance has added DYDX, FTT, KAVA and VOXEL trading pairs to cross-margin and a new TROY trading pair to isolated margin. The new cross margin pairs are DYDX/BUSD, FTT/BUSD, KAVA/BUSD, VOXEL/BUSD; The new isolated margin pair is TROY/BUSD. In addition, Binance Margin is removing YFI and YFII from the “assets borrowable” collateral list on the cross margin as of May 25, 2022, 5 am. The cross collateral pairs to be removed are as follows:






Users can still trade the above assets with other trading pairs available on Binance. The delist process will begin on the morning of May 23, and the exchange will suspend cross-margin borrowing for YFI and YFII. On May 25, 2022, at 5 CET, Binance will close users’ positions, make automatic payments and cancel all pending orders on YFI/BUSD, YFI/BTC, YFI/USDT, YFII/BTC and YFII/USDT margin pairs.

Adding new altcoins to Binance Liquid Swap

In its second announcement, the exchange announced that Liquid Swap has added support for HARD, IDEX and SC and opened five new liquidity pools. As Somanews, this service is a liquidity pool developed based on the “automatic market maker (AMM)” principle. Like all other decentralized finance (DeFi) swaps, it consists of different liquidity pools, each liquidity pool holding two tokens or fiat currencies. The latest pools and pairs to be opened are as follows:






Adding BAL and BAND to Loans platform

Most recently, the exchange announced that it has added BAL and BAND as collateral assets on its Binance Loans (borrowing) platform. This platform offers a wide variety of options for supported cryptocurrencies, interest rates, collateral assets and maximum loanable limits based on market conditions and internal risk management.