Binance Added These 10 Altcoins: Here is the Complete List!


Major Bitcoin exchange Binance has announced the addition of 10 new altcoins and many crypto currency pairs to its Conversion & OTC Portal. This platform provides “almost instant” execution of large-scale cryptocurrency transactions. For this reason, the Conversion & OTC Portal is a platform that is often preferred by cryptocurrency investors.

Binance has added 10 new altcoins to its Convert & OTC Portal!

Binance, the leading Bitcoin exchange by trading volume, announced that 10 new altcoins and many crypto currency pairs have been added to its Conversion & OTC Portal. Borsa İstanbul made the following statement on the subject via its official website:

Binance is excited to announce the addition of WAN, TROY, MBL and 7 other tokens to its Convert & OTC Portal with 250 new pairs. Full list of added tokens: WAN, TROY, MBL, BURGER, GTO, BOND, LSK, MLN, ATM, DOCK. Users can now trade these tokens for BTC, BUSD, USDC, USDT and other tokens and check indicative prices on these assets via the Convert & OTC Portal. Risk warning: Cryptocurrency trading is subject to high market risk. Please do your transactions carefully. Binance will do its best to select high-quality cryptocurrencies, but will not be liable for your trading losses. Thank you for your support!

Why is Binance’s Convert & OTC Portal preferred?

Binance’s Convert & OTC Portal is a popular platform because it enables instant transactions of large volumes of cryptocurrencies. In addition, since the platform does not have an order book, it is a preferred platform for large-scale cryptocurrency transactions.