Billy Eilish, Tom Holland and Keanu Reeves Took Part in a Fundraising Event For The Treatment of an Incurable Skin Disease


Many artists around the world have a reputation for doing various charitable deeds with the help of their talent. Some arrange a show and donate all the money for some good work, while others may periodically send salaries to those in need. Among many others, Billie Eilish is also popular for her altruistic works. From Covid-19 to creating a sustainable environment with her mother, the award-winning pop singer is undoubtedly a humanist.

One such recent fundraising event for stars who can make any contribution is the EBRP. The organization raises funds to find a cure for skin diseases. Celebrities including Billy Eilish, Keanu Reeves and Tom Holland will also reportedly take part in the third online meeting. It is reported that the organizers have planned for November 20. So here are all the details you need to know about it:

Billy Eilish, Keanu Reeves and Tom Holland are among the celebrities joining EBRP 2022.
The event, in particular, draws attention to individuals and families who are dealing with epidermolysis bullosa. Commonly known as EB, it is a genetic disorder that makes the human epidermis prone to blistering and tearing/cutting the skin, causing unbearable pain, disfigurement and wounds that sometimes never heal. And this time singer Bad Guy, the youngest spider-man and actor John Wick are also part of it.

Rocker Eddie Vedder co-founded EBRP with his wife Jill. She claims that she has personally seen people suffering from a skin disease. “This year we continue to unite our friends and family around the cause, and my daughters Olivia and Harper are joining the show,” Jill Vedder said in a statement.

Her husband also added that scientists have been working hard to find a cure for EB and have almost found it. Produced by EBRP and Door Knocker Media when booking One Twenty Eight artists, EBRP has raised over $4.6 million over the past two years through online fundraising. You can stream the entire event here.

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