Bills Decide on John Allen for Preseason Finale


The Buffalo Bills are just over 48 hours away from the preseason finale against the Carolina Panthers, and this is the last chance for starters to get reps before the regular season.

So what’s the plan for starting quarterback Josh Allen, who played in last week’s win over the Denver Broncos? Apparently, Billy is going to let him sit out.

According to ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter, the Bills decided to give Allen a break before the game. He went 3 of 3 for 45 yards and a dazzling touchdown in Saturday’s 42-15 victory.

Traditionally, the third preseason game was a game for beginners. But since the number of preseason games has been reduced to three, the third game has now become a backup demonstration.

However, the Buffalo Bills don’t need to do any additional scouting regarding Josh Allen. He has been one of the NFL’s top quarterbacks over the past two years and one of the favorites to receive the MVP award in 2022.

Allen successfully led the team out of a decade of depression and turned them into permanent Super Bowl contenders, something the team hadn’t seen since Jim Kelly.

Bill’s fans in the comments generally agree with the team’s decision not to play with Allen and no one should blame them.

Do you agree with Bill’s decision?


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