Billionaire Warren Buffett Invested In Gold


As it is known, Warren Buffett, the famous anti-gold and anti-Bitcoin billionaire, said that I would never invest in gold; It has now turned to gold and it is said that it will now favor Bitcoin. Recalling Buffett’s past discourse, the criticism did not cease.

Warren Buffett invested in gold by acquiring the shares of the gold mining company. Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the bestselling book “Rich Dad, Poor Father,” also commented on this situation. Kiyosaki said in a statement on his Twitter account that this is a big change and could have consequences for those in the middle class and lower class economically.

“Warren Buffett takes care of gold. GREAT CHANGE. Stating that he will not invest in gold forever, Buffet bought the shares of the gold mining company Barrick. Great news for gold and silver investors. Terrible news for the poor and middle class. The economy is falling apart. Do you have gold, silver and Bitcoin? ”

What is the Impact on Bitcoin?

A report on Friday revealed that Warren Buffett’s company, Berkshire Hathaway, has bought 21 million Barrick Gold shares worth $ 563 million.

Buffett will soon buy in Bitcoin (BTC), according to Morgan Creek partner Jason Williams. Gold and Bitcoin are competing as a store of value. Although gold is physically tangible, in Bitcoin it is referred to as digital gold in the crypto world. For this reason, Williams thinks Buffett, who buys gold shares, is also a matter of time before buying Bitcoin.

Bitcoin bull and investor Max Keizer believes that the leading cryptocurrency will rise to $ 50,000 with the effect of Buffett’s gold investment.

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There have been many attempts to persuade Buffett to invest in Bitcoin. The most important of these was the famous lunch meeting with Justin Sun. While Sun was working hard on the future of digital assets, it was not a convincing meeting for Buffett.

Advice From Robert Kiyosaki

As it is known, Robert Kiyosaki uses Twitter effectively and almost everything he says is a piece of advice for investors and those interested in the economy. Kiyosaki evaluated the state of the markets these days and made analogies for the 1929 depression.

“Every 90 years there is a massive stock market crash followed by DEPRESSION. It happened 90 years ago in 1929, followed by the BIG DEPRESSION that lasted 25 years and lasted until 1954. Will history repeat itself? I BELIEVE SO. Employees will lose their jobs. Smart entrepreneurs get rich. Start right before the economy collapses. ”

Kiyosaki reiterated once again the need to own gold, silver and Bitcoin, referring to the Fed’s policy, with comments stating that the danger bells were ringing.

“THOSE WHO COLLECT UNDER THE PILLOW LOSE. CASH COLLECTION. TREASURES are thieves who work for the Fed. DID YOU RECEIVE THE MESSAGE? Central Banks have a clear goal of reducing the value of cash by 2% each year. Please be smart. Open your mind and be smarter when it comes to your money. Do you have gold, silver and Bitcoin? ”

The Best Time To Buy Bitcoin

It has long been known that Robert Kiyosaki is pro-Bitcoin. Stating that now is the right time to buy Bitcoin, Kiyosaki says:

“Will BITCOIN be the fastest horse? The biggest losers are the SAVERS as the Fed goes to negative interest rates. I am addressing the Middle Class, gold and silver are increasing prices. The rich who can only understand Bitcoin realize that the more the Fed prints trillions, the more valuable Bitcoin becomes. “


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