Billionaire Rick Case dies in Florida car dealership business


Popular auto salesman and philanthropist Rick Case, known for his multiple dealerships and charitable work throughout South Florida, has died after losing his battle with aggressive cancer, a family spokesperson reported. The man was 77 years old.

Case, who was the CEO and founder of Rick Case Automotive Group, died Monday surrounded by his family. Rita Case, his wife, issued a statement Monday night.

“Rick had the most amazing mind to solve problems. He set his goals so high that most couldn’t dream so big. His work ethic and passion for success was very intense and he was always chasing me to keep up. He always treated me as his equal and allowed me to share the focus of his success. Let there be no doubt, Rick created, built and operated his company with a single passion to be the greatest and the best. He spent hours every day learning about the latest information about the auto industry and I learned from him every day, ”the statement said.

Rick Case Automotive Group recently wrote a check for $ 50,000 for Feeding South Florida amid the coronavirus pandemic. Case is survived by his wife Rita and their three children, Rick, Ryan and Raquel, and their five grandchildren.


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