Billionaire Novogratz Replies ‘Which Altcoin to Buy?’


Famous billionaire Michael Novogratz, CEO of Galaxy Digital, shared a comment on an altcoin on his Twitter account. “Which altcoin to buy right now?” Novogratz answered this question with the name Terra (LUNA).

Michael Novogratz, one of the most famous names in the crypto money world and seen as a Bitcoin bull, drew all the attention to a certain altcoin with his tweet today. Michael Novogratz brought an altcoin called Terra (LUNA) into the limelight with a post he shared on his Twitter account.

General information about Terra: What is LUNA?

The white paper of the blockchain project Terra was published in April 2019. This South Korea-based project is aimed to be used as a supplement to both fiat and cryptocurrencies at the same time. At this point, the supply of LUNA, which appears to be a fixed digital currency, may vary according to the changes that may occur in the market.

The founders of this altcoin project see the LUNA token as a “mining token”. Users can adapt to changing economic conditions with the awards they receive thanks to this token. According to the information contained in the white paper, the main mission of the Terra project is as follows:

“If Bitcoin is indestructible into the cryptocurrency world; If Ethereum promotes creativity, what we will add to this world will be usability. Terra has an incredible number of potential uses. We anticipate that Terra will be used as a psychic in online payments, and people will make transactions much cheaper than other payment methods thanks to Terra. Terra; It will be a dApp platform where the foundation of fixed-value tokens will be laid. ”

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LUNA, the Terra project’s own token, is currently trading at $ 0.310280, according to CoinGecko data. There are 467 million in circulation of LUNA, which has a maximum supply of 1 billion tokens. LUNA has a market value of $ 145 million; It has a transaction volume of 3 million dollars.


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