Billionaire Mark Cuban’s Basket: These 5 altcoins are now his choice!


The cryptocurrency market is experiencing a relatively quiet day. It is noted that macro investors now consider many altcoins as investment instruments with basket logic, rather than turning to one altcoin or directly to bitcoin (BTC). Known for his Ethereum (ETH) reserves, Mark Cuban is changing his orientation and prefers, in particular, these five altcoins.

Cuban preferences

EtherScan, a platform reporting on the development of the Ethereum network, confirms that the largest digital asset in the Kuban wallet is still Ethereum. However, Etherscan especially notes the increase in the number of US Dollar coins (USDC) in this wallet. USDC is Cuba’s second most popular altcoin. Cuban didn’t hold the USDC until last month. However, currently there are 260,462 US dollars in the Kuban wallet, which is more than 54% of the Kuban wallet.

Along with the USDC, the third most popular altcoin in Cuba is Ocean Protocol (OCEAN). Cuban owns 128,619 OCEAN tokens. These tokens make up about 13% of the wallet. However, the fourth most preferred token of Cuban is RARI, the native token of Rarible, the NFT platform. This giant investor has 6,632 RARI worth $51,132.

Ethereum love is over?

In addition, Cuban owns $18,921 worth of GOhm tokens, making it the fifth altcoin in the Cuban basket. In addition, Cuban owns AUDIO tokens worth $12,687. AUDIO, on the other hand, is in sixth place in this basket.

On the other hand, although it is unknown whether the famous billionaire has any other wallets, it is clear that this wallet is focused not only on Ethereum. Nevertheless, Cuban states that he is very optimistic about the price dynamics of Ethereum. Cuban says that after the PoS Proof-of-Stake upgrade, Ethereum will open a new era, and this will push Ethereum to more key points. Moreover, Kuban adds that mining may end with the confirmation of the share, which means that the supply of ETH will decrease, and its price will experience upward pressure.