Billionaire Investor: Bitcoin Price Will Double in 6 Months


Mike Novogratz, who achieved the title of “Bitcoin Bull” with his Bitcoin focused predictions, made a very ambitious sharing, again, not surprising investors and followers.

Billionaire investor, who made a statement to CNBC’s Closing Bell program last night, stated that investors with high net assets and hedge funds are entering Bitcoin for the first time.

Money Doesn’t Grow on a Tree
The experienced name, who stated that BTC is really about to be invaded by institutional investors this time, hinted that the main reason for this is the trillions of dollars of printing and unlimited monetary expansion. Stating that the money does not “grow on the tree”, Novogratz announced that he expects Bitcoin to at least double its value in six months.

Novogratz, which also signaled that if this situation does not happen, it may end Bitcoin investments, it has not made such a big claim before. This seems to attract more investors’ attention.


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