Billionaire Investing in Bitcoin (BTC) List Continues to Grow


The list of billionaire Bitcoin (BTC) bulls continues to grow unabated. Cryptocurrency analyst Alex Krüger claims that Warren Buffett, the famous investor and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, will also join this list soon.

This week, Stanley Druckenmiller, Former Chairman of Duquesne Capital, announced that he is a Bitcoin investor and joined the investors of Bitcoin, which holds a leading position in terms of market value.

Following Druckenmiller’s statement, Jason Yanowitz of Block Works Group created a list of billionaires with BTC in his post on Twitter.

On the list are Jack Dorsey, CEO of Square, who invested $ 50 million in Bitcoin, and Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, who likens investing in cryptocurrencies to early investment in companies like Apple or Facebook.


Alex Krüger, known as the economist and Bitcoin bull, said on his Twitter account after announcing the support of corporate giants such as Tudor Investment Corporation President Paul Tudor Jones and Druckenmiller for BTC, he believes Warren Buffett can also change his mind.

“Warren Buffett is a value investor and wants cash flow. It will eventually come and invest in Bitcoin miners and infrastructure companies. “

Buffett has openly criticized Bitcoin since 2013 and re-raised the claim that it will never own Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency in February 2020. But Buffett is an advocate of store of value assets and recently acquired over 20 million shares of Barrick Gold worth about $ 563 million.

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