Billionaire Identifies 3 Altcoins: Institutional Money Will Flow To These!


Famous billionaire Mike Novogratz shared his views on cryptocurrency regulation and the Fed’s policy in 2022, and said that institutional money will flow to the 3 altcoin projects he has identified. We, as Somanews, have compiled the reviews of the famous billionaire for our readers.

Mike Novogratz pointed to these altcoin projects

In a recent episode of CNBC Market Alert, Mike Novogratz shared his optimistic expectations about the ongoing cryptocurrency ‘adoption cycle’. Litecoin Magazine, on the other hand, shared the following on its Twitter account:

That’s why Mike Novagratz continues to CNBC and has enough ‘power’ to get them to delist Litecoin (LTC) after 10 years of hiatus, making big improvements like seamless, on-demand privacy, NFTs, Smart contracts. For an untested cryptocurrency? Interesting!

Overall, the CEO of Digital Galaxy seems enthusiastic about the medium-term prospects of the Web3 industry as he sees a large influx of corporate capital into the Web3 industry. At the same time, the cryptocurrency board used by CNBC was used to illustrate the conversation between two appearances for Mike Novogratz from 2017. The famous billionaire was surprised that Litecoin appeared in the top 5.

According to long-term Bitcoiner, the next-generation smart contract platforms Terra (LUNA) and Solana (SOL) have a vibrant community and have witnessed open interest from developers and enthusiasts. Supporters of ‘Digital Silver’ say that Litecoin does not deserve such lectures as it is well known for its battle-tested reliability, security and smart contract functions:

…great developments such as seamless, on-demand privacy, NFTs, Smart contracts are on the way.

As previously reported by, the MimbleWimble update, which implies enabling Litecoin with transaction hiding by default, has been designated as the main task of Litecoin’s progress for 2021.