Billie Eilish’s “obsession”, host and actress Jameela Jamil


People ‘s Choice Awards nominee star Jameela Jamil confessed that she has an obsession for Billie Eilish.

There is nothing better than celebrities who are excited about other celebrities! People’s Choice Awards nominee Jameela Jamil in an interview with E! News spoke of the celebrities it will support during the awards show this Sunday.

Jameela is nominated for the 2020 Comedy TV Star and her podcast I Weigh is also nominated for the Pop Podcast award.

Jameela is spreading the love to other top nominated stars this year in the new E! Celeb Stan Club. “I voted for Issa Rae because I’m so obsessed with her so I’ve been giving her my 25 votes a day,” she shared.

“It has changed our culture. It has changed the way we see women in comedy, black women in comedy … For me, she is the perfect role model.

The actress also supports the series Schitt’s Creek and predicts for the popular comedy series that it could take home some awards.

“I think just the full set. I’ve never seen so much chemistry. It’s so amazing on the show,” she shared. “Everyone has found ways to have these huge cultural conversations and integrates them through comedy.”

Jameela Jamil confesses her great admiration for Billie Eilish

It’s not just television that Jameela is obsessed with, she’s also supporting musical sensation Billie Eilish. The Bad Guy singer has taken the world by storm with her incredible eclectic beats, and Jameela is counted among her thousands of fans.

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“It’s not just her music. It’s also who she is as an individual and what kind of role model she is,” she shared. “I told him that it has even changed the way I dress and the fact that he has rejected all these stereotypes about how women are supposed to be, especially young pop stars.

Jameela also revealed that she dressed up as “Silly Eilish” for Halloween. Billie’s fictional older sister!

Beyond supporting other celebrities, Jameela has also spent a great deal of time supporting her own authentic self and teaching other people how to do the same on her I Weigh podcast.

“So I started this movement, it’s kind of a mental health movement, and a lot of our focus can sometimes be towards body image,” she explained. “I’m someone who has a lot to learn and I think it’s very important to encourage people to keep growing. To keep going.”


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