billie eilish’s new song came with the video “therefore i am”


Billi Eilish’s new single, Therefore I Am, which he has been promoting for a while, is on air today.

Although the storm of Billie Eilish, which had influenced the music world and the press for a period, calmed down a little, Eilish seems to have no intention of slowing down. The young talent, who managed to keep fans up-to-date with the soundtrack song he recorded for James Bond in 2020 and his subsequent single my future, opened Therefore I Am as the last link in this chain to listen to all streaming services with his video as of today.

Eilish himself directs the video of the song, which progresses in the calmness of Billie Eilish, which we are used to on the soft hip hop beat.

The song itself and its video are just below.

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