Billie Eilish’s Brother Spoke About Her 10-Year Age Difference With Boyfriend Jesse Rutherford


The public has seen Billie Eilish grow up before their eyes, from her debut hit “Ocean Eyes” at the age of 14 to how she became a global pop sensation over the past few years in early adulthood. This fame soared to new heights this year: she won an Oscar for the theme of the James Bond film “No Time to Die”, wrote music for “Blushes”, headlined at the Coachella festival and went on a huge world tour. But lately, the Internet can’t stop talking about Eilish’s new relationship with a 10-year age difference, and even her brother and musical collaborator Finneas O’Connell are hated for it.

Finneas O’Connell and Billie Eilish are close brothers and sisters, they co—wrote Eilish’s albums, and also shared many huge experiences that came with the singer’s fame, such as performing together on stage every night of Eilish’s show and accepting their “No”. Time to Die” Oscar earlier this year. While most of the Internet continues to look down on the fact that Eilish has a 31-year-old boyfriend in the face of The Neighborhood frontman Jesse Rutherford, O’Connell, who is 25 years old himself, recently said the following:

I want my sister to be happy and safe, and she is 21 years old, and she has every right to make her own life decisions.

Finneas O’Connell’s comment about Billie Eilish’s relationship with Jesse Rutherford came via TikTok after one user called the musician and Eilish’s brother because his “sister is dating a 31-year-old man” and, according to them, she has “shitty” music. O’Connell responded with the above words in the comments, and also said elsewhere, “If you think my music is shitty, I recommend listening to literally anything else.”

The user who decided to criticize Finneas, which led to his recent comments, responded to a previous post on TikTok, which the 25-year-old Oscar and Grammy winner published, where he shared that he had never “laughed” at the app’s tendency to tell his parents someone died who did not die. He called it “mean”, while the user disagreed, having previously called it “fucking funny” in one of his recent videos.

Billie Eilish and Jesse Rutherford were spotted out for a walk back in October 2022, and over the past few months Eilish has made their relationship public on Instagram. The “Happier Than Ever” singer shared on social media her Halloween costumes, in which Eilish and Rutherford were a baby and an old man; their red carpet debut at a Gucci event; and most recently at Eilish’s 21st birthday party, where they dressed together in festive red outfits for a star romance.

Eilish, who was recently named one of the trendiest celebrities of 2022, opened up about her relationship with Jesse Rutherford, saying she’s really “excited” and “happy” to be with The Neighborhood frontman. Along with being “really inspired” by her boyfriend, she called him “the hottest fucking bastard alive.”

Despite the fact that the 21-year-old girl has a lot of negative reaction and concern about a boyfriend who is much older than her, her brother Finneas demonstrates trust in his sister as she continues to live her life in the spotlight and under the scrutiny on the Internet that comes from the fact that she is a famous pop- a star.


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