Billie Eilish urges fans to get serious about COVID-19


Billie Eilish expressed her thoughts on COVID-19 after postponing her ‘Where Do We Go? World Tour ‘and asked her fans to take the pandemic seriously.

Singer Billie Eilish dedicated a few words to her fans on Instagram before postponing her ‘Where Do We Go? Tour. World Tour ‘. “It’s a big problem right now (COVID-19), and it’s not a joke,” she said. “I know that because many of us have not seen it with our eyes, it is difficult to realize that it is real.”

“It’s real though, and I’ve seen a lot of young people all over the planet, going to parties or going to the seaside, just hanging out and hanging out. In fact, it’s irresponsible. “Eilish went on to clarify that social distancing through the COVID-19 outbreak was” everyone’s responsibility. ”

The singer urged everyone to stay indoors and protected, although she clarified that people should “go outside, just not go out into the world.” “Do not panic, there are enough provisions for the people, do not accumulate problems,” she said worriedly to her fans.

Billie Eilish postpones Where Do We Go? Tour World tour

Shortly after Eilish posted her ideas on her Instagram story, she made the announcement on Twitter that she was suspending her ‘Where Do We Go? Tour. World Tour ‘in North America following the announcement last week and respecting the continued restrictions and advice of the authorities.

All remaining dates of the North American tour ‘Where Do We Go? World Tour ‘of the singer of “My Future” are being actively rescheduled. The singer also reported that all entries from the postponed dates will be accepted for the new tour dates.

The tour began on March 9, 2020 in Miami, Florida at the American Airlines Arena and was scheduled to conclude on September 7, 2020 in Jakarta, Indonesia, at the Indonesia Convention Expo, before Eilish postponed all shows due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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