Billie Eilish triumphs with Therefore I Am The number one!


Billie Eilish has managed to position herself at number one on the trends with her new song Therefore I Am.

In that sense, each of her songs becomes a gold mine, for a young and adolescent audience, but also for adults, who enjoy her experimental music, but above all honest.

In that sense, the singer premiered her new song Therefore I Am on Thursday, November 12, and just a few hours after she released it, she has already positioned herself at number one in video trends, and as if this were not enough, the Famous also achieved more than 4 million views in less than a day, not counting all those views it receives on streaming platforms.

Likewise, the singer received thousands of comments on her official YouTube account, where fans assure that this is one of her best songs, because in the official video she appears as herself, enjoying a day in the square, eating tostadas, churros and milkshakes.

Watch the video of Billie Eilish

The official video has received more than 1 million likes, although it also has 9 thousand dislikes, and as we previously informed you in Somagnews, this piece has given a lot to say, as some consider that it does not measure up to others Great songs that you have previously released, however, are less bad reviews.

Have you heard this new song by Billie Eilish? What do you think of the music video in the shopping center? Do you think that a promising future awaits this famous? Tell us your opinion and your experience when watching this video, in the comments .

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