Billie Eilish: This was the singer’s first online concert


Let’s take a look at what happened in ‘Where Do We Go? The Livestream ‘, Billie Eilish’s first online concert.

Of all the online attempts to fill the huge chasm where live music used to be before the coronavirus, Billie Eilish’s online broadcast has attracted the most attention. And it is understandable. The 18-year-old has a much sharper visual sense than any of her peers.

For $ 30, fans got access to ‘Where Do We Go? The Livestream, ‘a 55-minute concert featuring clips from an upcoming Eilish documentary and a variety of celebrities, including Eilish’s “surrogate father,” Steve Carrell.

Accompanied as always by her brother Finneas and dressed in one of her characteristic oversize outfits (this time signed by Gucci), the recent winner of three Billboard Music Awards appeared on screen to perform as the first song “Bury a Friend”.

Since the artists began to devise new forms adapted to the security measures required by the health crisis, the great problem they have had to face has been how to compensate for the absence of that feeling that it generates in us and in us. live music.

In fact, before continuing with ‘You Should See Me in a Crown’, Billie Eilish addressed virtual assistance to express how much she missed meeting her fans; “The stage is the only place where I feel myself,” she commented at another time.

Billie Eilish gave a 3D concert

Aware that it is impossible to provoke the same emotions from face to face through a screen, Billie and her team chose to replace them with the impression generated by seeing the artist sing immersed in a three-dimensional stage that changed with each song.

The scenography was already one of the strengths of the live shows of the American, in which we have been able to see her raised to a floating bed or suspended in the air, and this online show became an essentially visual experience.

Despite this, in each of the thirteen songs she performed, the famous artist brought out her incredible vocal capacity (magnetic, sweet but sharp, with that characteristic melodic sinuosity).

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The catchy ‘Strange Addiction’, the genuine ‘Ocean Eyes’ and the revealing ‘Xanny’ were the three compositions we got to hear after ‘You Should See Me in a Crown’. In the latter, the installation of panels that acted as a stage became an exact representation of the video clip.

But, in addition to reviewing the well-known hits that make up his first album, there was also space for his new songs like ‘Everythin I Wanted’ (with beautiful lyrics that Finneas dedicates to his sister), ‘No Time To Die’ and ‘My Future ‘(created by the Finneas-Billie combo during quarantine).

Billie Eilish released important messages

We still don’t know if any of these songs will be part of the artist’s new album, to which she also made a quick and cryptic reference during the show: “we have a new album, but we’ll talk about that later.”

In addition, Billie Eilish wanted to take advantage of the meeting with her followers to launch important messages related to each other. During their performance of ‘All Good Girls Go To Hell’, we were able to see projected images about climate change and the Black Lives Matter movement.

At the same time, the young woman also wanted to encourage the vote in the next elections in the United States up to two times. How could it be otherwise, Bad Guy ‘was the theme chosen to close the concert, thus leaving us one of the best online shows in recent times.


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